Our Mission

We want to make every cat feel awesome!

Don’t we all want our cats to be happy? We provide them with a safe place to sleep, fresh drinking water, plenty of food, medical care whenever they need it and above everything else, we give our cats lots of love, which (lucky for us) we also receive in return.
Everything is awesome! 😻

However, not every cat is fortunate enough to stay with a cat lover like yourself. There are many feral and stray cats who live today but don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Luckily there are many great men and women out there who volunteer at shelters. They offer their time to take care of stray cats, rescue kittens, provide medical care to those who need it and just try to help the cats as well as they can.

They can use a helping hand

A lot of these organizations are ran entirely by volunteers and are depending on donations from kind people who care and share for their cause.
Especially smaller organizations often struggle financially and can not always rely on government help. This is where we come in to lend a helping hand.

Shortage of cat food? We will provide food.
Urgent medical bill(s) that needs to be paid? Send it on. We will take care of it.
Need some extra pet carriers or comfy beds? Expect UPS to stop by tomorrow!

Sounds great right? But I hear you thinking ‘How do you guys pay for all this?’

Technology for the greater good

A lot of people would love to volunteer at a cat shelter and help out. But often lack of time, family obligations, physical limitations or simply not enough money to give to charity prevents them from taking action.

A lot of these great people run amazing companies and would love to help out. We partner with companies who support our cause and are willing to help out financially in order to make a cat’s life a little bit more awesome!

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